Saturday, November 6, 2010

Game Show for your Parties!

Game Show Version
My name is ___________ and I will be your Premier Designs Game Show Hostess today.
I would also like to thank my hostess ____________.

Game Show Contestants!
Now. I would like for each of you to say your name and tell what would you do with the prize money if you win our game show tonight!

Now, just a reminder there is no actual money given out! Your tickets will be your “money.”
Game Show Rules!
To answer a question you must click your team’s buzzer! NO SHOUTING OUT ANSWERS!
If you answer incorrectly, then the other contestants can buzz in to answer the question.
After two incorrect answers the I will explain the answer to you.

Question #1
In what year was Premier Designs founded?
A. 1990
B. 1985
C. 2000
D. 1980
Question #2
Premier Designer was founded in what state by Andy and Joan Horner.
A. Virginia
B. California
C. New York
D. Texas
Question #3
Premier Designs was found to support…
A. Stay at home moms
B. Women in the ministry
C. All of the above
Question #4
What type of jewelry is Premier?
A. High Fashion Jewelry
B. Fine Jewelry
C. Costume Jewelry

Question #5
What is Premier Designs jewelry made out of?
A. Actual 14K gold and silver electroplated on a base metal
B. 100% gold and silver
C. Glass beads and/or unique beads
D. Both A and C
Question #6
What shouldn’t you do with your jewelry on?
A. Go shopping
B. Go to work
C. Swim, Sweat, Sleep, or Spray
D. Travel
Question #7
What is Premier Designs “GOLDEN GUARENTEE”?
A. Replace returned piece with new piece of jewelry
B. FREE before 60 days of purchase
C. $5.00 plus shipping and tax after 60 days of purchase
D. All of the above
Question #8
What is the technique called when you wear a short necklace and a longer necklace?
A. Layered
B. Framing
C. Accessorizing
D. Combination
Question #9
How can you get premier jewelry?
A. By being a customer
B. Order online
C. Hosting a Premier party of your own
D. None of the above
E. Both A and C
Question #10
The best way to get Premier Designs jewelry is by:
A. Being a customer
B. Being a hostess
C. By having a frequent buyer card
D. All of the above
Question #11
What are the benefits of hosting a Premier Designs party of your own?
A. You get 30% of your total sales in FREE jewelry
B. You can get 4-8 items for half price
C. You get a chance to hang out with friends and family
D. All of the above
Question #12
By being a hostess you can also earn an extra $100 in FREE jewelry by…
A. Having 10 or more people at your party
B. Having at least $100 in pre-sales
C. Having at 3 or more people book a party
D. By having your party on the original date
Question #13
If the average home show is $400, how must would you earn in FREE jewelry?
A. $200
B. $100
C. $500
D. $120
Question #14
Which of the following is true about being a Premier Designs Jeweler?
A. You get to have cool catalogs
B. You get to wear all of your samples
C. You get your own manikin
D. All of the above
Questions #15
A Premier Designs Jeweler….
A. Makes 50% of their total sales
B. Every show is a payday
C. Gets to go to fun trainings (local, regional, and national)
D. Gets to meet new people
E. All of the above
Final Question
You can pay today for your purchases by…
A. Cash
B. Check
C. Credit Card/Debit Card
D. Any creative combination
The Winner is ________________
has won the Premier Designs Game Show on _________________.

Signed: _______________________
Thank you all for playing today! If you have any questions about my business or the jewelry I would love to talk with you about it.


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